10 advantages of offshore territories

  1. Favourable or no taxation is the key feature which keeps those with the creative approach to their tax returns attracted to offshore zones.
  2. Keeping and managing assets in confidentiality is another relevant task to be handled by businessmen throughout the world. Some of them manage to do this, with a little help of offshore instruments.
  3. The low cost of incorporation and administration of offshore companies is another factor adding to their popularity.
  4. To date, many classical offshore jurisdictions do not require financial statements and accounts to be kept. ‘Pocket book–keeping’ is still sought after by many business workers who cannot put up with the tyranny of their own chief accountants.
  5. A straightforward and speedy incorporation procedure. One-day registration or a ready-made company available within an hour can persuade any business worker who values their time that an offshore might be useful.
  6. Sometimes, the image of a foreign company (which an offshore company, in fact, is) can be crucial for a successful business relationship.
  7. No paid-in capital requirement. The advantage is evident: there is no need to withdraw money from business and have this money or any other assets blocked and reserved on the account or otherwise.
  8. Having a foreign nominee as director of an offshore company will allow the actual decision maker to keep distance between them and their offshore, which may sometimes be feasible.
  9. The possibility of opening accounts worldwide may speak to the heart of every pragmatic business worker seeking a reliable and convenient place for their money, away from the instability of their home country’s banking system.
  10. Remote incorporation procedure. At last, there is no need to waste your time queuing, liaising with authorities or visiting notaries. You may order and pay for the company’s incorporation remotely.