10 most popular offshore territories for international tax planning purposes

  1. The British Virgin Islands is an absolute world leader in the ‘offshore races’. To make sure, just have a look at the company’s incorporation number. According to the number of the companies incorporated, the BVI is way ahead of its nearest rival.
  2. Cyprus offers a convenient and easily applicable network of Double Taxation Treaty Agreements. Also, the aggressive marketing policy of local lawyers makes this insular republic very popular on the offshore market.
  3. The United Kingdom – a European country image and the longevity of international tax planning traditions, as well as the status of the world’s financial centre, this is the recipe for the popularity of companies incorporated in London.
  4. The Seychelles have the same offshore advantages as the British Virgin Islands, but they are cheaper. The Seychelles is the choice for the reasonable and for the economical.
  5. Switzerland. The country is the symbol of banking secrecy. That could not but attract capital. You should remember, though, that confidentiality costs money. Lots and lots of money.
  6. Hong Kong. This Asian tiger combines the features of the European financial, the Asian industrial, and the offshore centre, thus being an ideal choice for an entrepreneur who trades with the Far East countries and South-East Asia.
  7. Netherlands is an expensive and reliable territory to locate a large trading company or an industrial holding. Holland is for those who are ready to pay for good reputation.
  8. Belize is a canonical offshore territory with affordable prices, for those who do not like standard solutions.
  9. Gibraltar is an offshore territory with European flavour. This means English laws, a European image and preferential tax treatment.
  10. The USA – this country with the largest economy in the world cannot be omitted from the top ten of the most popular offshore territories… Even though it is not one.