Interesting note

How much will it cost to create an offshore company?

The cost of an offshore company will depend on the chosen jurisdiction, the corporate structure (with or without nominee services) and other factors.

For instance, you may have to order additional documents aside from the ‘standard set’, you may be required to have the documents legalised or translated into other languages etc.

The price estimates for incorporating companies in the most popular offshore zones, including the first year of legal maintenance fees, are shown in the table below.

Country Price including the 1st year of maintenance Country СPrice including the 1st year of maintenance
The British Virgin Islands 1990 Bahamas 1940
Cyprus 2450 Dominica 1950
United Kingdom 1990 Cayman Islands 4450
Seychelles 1390 Mauritius 2150
Nevis 1690 Malta 8550
Panama 1850 Isle of Man 4550
Hong Kong 3550 Liechtenstein 9550
Gibraltar 2600 Luxembourg 9550
Belize 2200 Singapore 8550