What languages do banks speak?

In this day and age banks provide services across borders and tend to establish national desks in their branches worldwide. This is particularly important for East European and Far Eastern countries. Banks today are almost sure to have employees speaking the language of the country where the branch is located.

Having native or native speaking employees demonstrates the bank’s concern for the needs of its native customers and the tendency to study and appreciate the subtleties of the native mentality. It is an indication of the fact that the bank is ready and willing to work with native customers and is not planning to give up on this the near future.

Besides, cross–border business interactions do require that there are multilingual personnel in up to date banks.

However, there are still cases when well-established and respected banks do not show any tendency to welcome foreign customers and any non-native applicant is treated on the same basis as the locals. Correspondingly, he or she would have to meet the requirements set for the residents of the country.

For example, we once had a client, who tried to open an account in a Spanish bank and he chose that particular bank for the sole reason that there was a member of staff who spoke English. However, before the account opening procedure was complete, the English speaking person had resigned and there was nobody left who could communicate with our client in the bank. Unfortunately, this meant that the client was not able to take any effective measures in time…